Family Room, Morton Grove

Conversion of a Florida room to a year round family room and removal of wall between adjacent dining room and kitchen created a spacious, sun-drenched wrap around kitchen, dining and family room.  This renovation required solving a number of problems including a low-ceiling in the Florida room, energy conservation and how to heat and cool the new family room.

Low Ceiling

We raised the ceiling line by creating a soffit around the perimeter followed by changing and reinforcing the roof framing inside to create a higher ceiling. The soffit also became a chase for running the cabling for the surround sound  and exterior sound systems.

Energy Conservation

Multiple energy conservation steps were taken to make this family room comfortable all year round. We lifted the roof and replaced the existing 2 x 4 walls with 2 x 6 walls. To minimize air infiltration, the exterior was wrapped with Tyvek and caulked at the bottom and where it met the existing walls of the house. The walls were insulated to R-19 and the ceiling to R-38. Pentetrations into the attic area and outside were sealed with Great Stuff.The Peachtree windows and doors have low-e, argon filled glazing. The perimeter of the window and door insulation are sealed against air infiltration using Great Stuff foam.

Heating and Cooling

We used an insulation board on the existing concrete floor to provide a thermal break between the existing uninsulated concrete slab and the new granite floor. A radiant floor was installed between the granite tile and the insulation board and temperature controlled using a programmable thermostat. The grantite floor acts as a heat mass to provide even heat. The energy conservation steps taken enable the existing air conditioning to cool the space.