Phased Renovation, Edison Park Bungalow, Chicago

The homeowners wanted to renovate the first floor bath and second floor shower sequentially. The whirlpool tub in the existing 5 x 8 bathroom cramped the spaceand. Thetoilet was too close to the side wall which made it usable only by a small person. A redesign of the first floor bathroom eliminated the whirlpool tub in favor of a quarter-round shower stall coupled with a relocated toilet and sink.

In addition, during the initial inspection we found poorly and improperly installed plumbing. During the first floor bath renovation, we replaced the improperly installed waste lines and replaced the undersized pipes. We also installed stubsfor the future renovation of the second floor bath.

The second floor bath renovation focused on converting the shower from a single head shower to a spa with his and her shower heads, body sprays and a handheld shower. Installing the 10 cm. glass tile requireded patience and persistence. Since the same tile was used on the walls, floors and ceiling, the interior of the shower stall needed to be square in all three planes so that the grout lines would line up where the floor meets the walls, the walls meet the ceiling as well as where each wall meets.