Chicago Gold Coast, Historic Landmark Facade Restoration

We restored the front entry and roof structure for this historic landmark in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. The roof structure covering the front entry had failed and the moisture intrusion was degrading the arch entry as well as the masonry supporting the main elevation.

Moisture instrusion had also cracked the concrete over limestone porch structure and corroded the front steps. We used a material used to repair bridges, runways and parking decks to repair, rather than replace, the existing steps.

The front entry had 125 years of accumulated paint. The original finished had lost its elasticity and created an alligatored surface with flaking paint. The front doors had rotted along the bottom. The paint was removed and the surface prepared to receive new primer and paint. The doors were restored using a combination of wood hardener and fillers that restored the structural integrity of the door. The brass door knockers were refinished.