Why Meridian?

At The Meridian Group we believe that every project is a collaborative one. Our ability to deliver open communication, quality work, on time delivery, and budget adherence comes from using a shared approach to design and construction that includes the owner, design professionals, and our team all working towards a common goal.

Phase 1:

The collaborative process begins with a combination of property inspection and a series of conversations about your goals as well as your needs, wants and desires. The design professionals have responsibility for leading the design process. The Meridian Group has responsibility for developing the construction budget and schedule as well as for building the design.

Phase 2:

The design and budget process occur simultaneously. Using an iterative and collaborative approach to these processes, you receive a design solution that meets your goals while maximizing the value received from the available budget. A series of progress meetings during the design phase provides you with assurance that your design objectives and target budget are being met.

Phase 3:

Construction does not begin until the owner, architect and builder agree on the design and budget. During construction, you receive feedback about the quality of work from personal inspections as well as from the architect and building inspector. Budget control comes from architect and lender review of payment applications compared to the budget. Timeliness is managed by comparing progress in the field to that shown on the original schedule.

Phase 4:

Turnover occurs at completion of construction. During this phase, The Meridian Group demonstrates the operating features of the home to you. You also receive a turnover file which provides the original copies of all manufacturer warranties and manuals. At this time the warranty period begins. The Meridian Group provides a one year written warranty on all labor and materials. This is in addition to the warranty provided by individual manufacturers.

The Meridian Group remains available to provide service to you beyond the warranty period. This can he handled on an as-needed basis or more proficiently through participation in our residential asset management program.